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BDT 1,800

Happy Day Inn Resort


Happy day inn Resort contribute to you first ever three star facility which give you a grand travel experience to choose your best accommodation and relaxation in Gazipur Area .It is the place…

BDT 1,673

Third Terrace Resort


With fresh smell of the villages, midst of shalbons just across the Bhawal National Park lies our humble retreat - Third Terrace Resorts.   Several cottages set amidst beautifully landscaped…

BDT 2,500

Padma Resort


Padma resort is designed for people who are in desperate need for relaxation and spending some time away from the daily drudgery .The specialty for our resort is it’s location just a 100…

BDT 2,500

Nokkhottro Bari Resort


Warm Greetings from Nokkhottrobari Resort & Conference Center Ltd. We Invite you to Explore the immense beauty of Nature. If u go to this resort early in the morning..u will face excellent…

BDT 1,500

Megh Bari Resort


Meghbari Resort is unique place in Nagarvella , Ulokhola,Kaliganj,Gazipur near from Dhaka city. Where you can enjoy picnic and stay in luxurious accommodation and enjoy the natural beauty of…

BDT 950

Dream World Park &Resort


Cool place near Dhaka. They are very polite and hospitality is good Its is really green environment for every people who like nature & natural beauty. I like this resort for the beauty of…

BDT 2,000

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo


ইহা একটা উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক গৃহস্থ বাড়ি। এখনে কৃষি ও পরিবেশ সংক্রান্ত গবেষণা হয়।

BDT 2,530

Chuti Resort


Chuti Resort is hereby promoting our country to uphold the natural & cultural heritage which will provide authentic & distinctive travel experiences to the distinguish travelers. The…