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BDT 1,800

Chuti Resort Purbachol


A resort for day out and Picnic. Area: 12 Bigha Capacity of Guest: 400-600 Number of Room: AC 12 Non-AC   Swimming Pool: 1 Play Ground 1 Big Other Amenities Restuarents   Package Type…

BDT 1,000

Sahin Bag Resort


The multi-functional Sahin Bag Resort covering 26 bigha land, consisting of modern building complexes of differential heights with captivating natural and architectural view & fantastic…

BDT 400

Jamuna Natural Park


ফ্যামিলি ডে, পিকনিক ,বিবাহ, জন্মদিন এবং সব ধরনের কর্পোরেট ইভেন্ট সম্পূর্ণ করতে অনেক ঝামেলা পোহাতে হয় ।এ জন্য অনেকে প্রোগ্রাম টা ঠিক মতো উপভোগ করতে পারেন না । সবাই ঢাকার আশে পাশে নিরিবিলি সুন্দর…

BDT 2,000

Megher Chaya Resort


Megher Chaya - the escape to the nature in a void of monotony. It is adorned with the nature herself. To ease your mind just spread your footstep to the 14 acres of serine landscape and let…

BDT 2,000

Dream Heaven Park &…


Its is really green environment for every people who like nature & natural beauty........ I like this resort for the beauty of nature.

BDT 1,500

Elenga Resort


For your family tour, corporate program, picnic in Elenga Resort; The number one comprehensive international standard resort in Bangladesh,to enjoy Retreat Program, Picnic, Seminar, Corporate…

BDT 2,000

Tarubithi Resort


Cool place near Dhaka. They are very polite and hospitality is good Its is really green environment for every people who like nature & natural beauty. I like this resort for the beauty of…

BDT 2,200

Dhaka Resort


Dhaka Resort is a place where modern amenities maintain strong rapport with nature. We believe nothing could be more pleasant and soothing than nature. If you want to indulge in nature, dive…