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BDT 1,500

Elenga Resort


For your family tour, corporate program, picnic in Elenga Resort; The number one comprehensive international standard resort in Bangladesh,to enjoy Retreat Program, Picnic, Seminar, Corporate…

BDT 2,000

Tarubithi Resort


Cool place near Dhaka. They are very polite and hospitality is good Its is really green environment for every people who like nature & natural beauty. I like this resort for the beauty of…

BDT 2,200

Dhaka Resort


Dhaka Resort is a place where modern amenities maintain strong rapport with nature. We believe nothing could be more pleasant and soothing than nature. If you want to indulge in nature, dive…

BDT 2,000

Rangamati Waterfront…


Rangamati Waterfront Resort is a tranquil and unique resort in Gazipore 45 k.m away from Dhaka City. It allows you to unwind yourself in serene luxury, comfort and sophistication. With its own…

BDT 2,500

Angana Resort


Escape the rigours and stress of city life and unwind in the tranquility of a Bangladeshi village. At Angana, we have attempted to preserve nature’s pristine beauty, in all its glory,…

BDT 2,300

Heritage Eco Resort


The blessing of nature is so generous that gives comfort to all five senses, where no noise bothers, chirping delights and solitary ambience keep in calm and quiet mood, no sound pollution at…

Dhanshiri Resort


Dhanshiri Resort is unique place in Gazipur Pubail, Demor Para Primary School (Vadun).  Near 15 km away  from Shahjalal International Airport . Where you can enjoy picnic and…

BDT 1,650

Mawa Resort


We are a family run business opened with the aim of offering holidays in this beautiful part of the country by the bank of the Padma River. The project started off as a family farm house dedicated…